Visit Marina Bay Waterfront & Boardwalk

Things to do in Marina Bay.

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Visit Marina Bay

Take the ferry from Boston Seaport, New England Aquarium to Quincy’s Marina Bay and Winthrop.

The Marina Bay Boardwalk provides for a unique experience with a vast array of dining options, boutique shopping, yoga studio, salon & specialized craft brew pub, Marina Bay Market, ice cream & pizza shops to satisfy everyone’s taste.

A Dog-Friendly Waterfront

There are plenty of places to take your pet at Marina Bay and on the Ferry. Walk, run and even have them groomed at the pet shop, Marina Bay. Many pet friendly restaurants along Marina Bay boardwalk and in Quincy that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables. Marina Bay and Quincy are pet friendly including many parks and recreational areas. Also, check out Boston’s pet friendly sites, attractions, and dining.

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