Marina Bay Ferry Service Returns

Jun 1, 2022


The Marina Bay Ferry/Winthrop Valkyrie will return to service beginning Tuesday, May 31, 2022.

Mayor Thomas P. Koch announced Friday that the City of Quincy will once again partner with the Town of Winthrop to provide ferry service from Quincy to Winthrop and Boston. Ferry service will include water transportation to and from Squantum Point Park/Marina Bay, the Town of Winthrop, Boston Seaport and the New England Aquarium on Winthrop’s 74 passenger “Valkyrie” Ferry.

“The ferry service offers early morning commuters as well as tourists another form of transportation between Quincy and Boston. The City of Quincy is happy to continue the long-standing partnership with the town of Winthrop to offer this service”, said Mayor Thomas Koch.

The newly designed website provides details on how to buy tickets, schedule times and dates as well as suggested destinations and tourist sights at each destination.

Senator Keenan stated, “We are a community of diverse transportation needs, so it only makes sense that we offer diverse solutions. Ferry service further rounds out our local transportation options, expanding choice beyond roadways, bus routes, and rail networks, and I am glad that we are able to continue to offer this valuable resource.”

“The Marina Bay Ferry is a tremendous asset to the community. I’m proud that we were able to secure funding in the FY23 state budget to once again help with its operations. Its an easy alternative to driving into the City – its fast, affordable and environmentally friendly. I encourage everyone to check out the new website.” Shared Representative Bruce Ayers.

Source: Marina Bay Ferry Service Returns | City of Quincy